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Vialto has over 50 years of experience in mobility for tax, immigration, business travel, compensation, and remote work. Get a deeper understanding of our business with the questions and answers below.

How many countries and territories does Vialto serve?

Vialto Partners can provide mobility services in almost every single country and territory in the world. Vialto Partners can serve you wherever you are now and wherever you’re expanding to, with teams vetted and selected for their deep mobility experience and expertise.

Why didn't all PwC offices become Vialto?

In forming Vialto, our immediate priority was to ensure we applied coverage where our clients needed it. We focused attention initially on the more than 50 locations where there was a high concentration of client needs. Since then, we have increased the coverage significantly, and by June 2023, we expect the Vialto network to have a presence covering more than 130 countries and territories.

How long would it take to establish a Vialto team in a new region?

The Vialto network will span more than 130 countries by June 2023. In the event that a client needs assistance in a country which is not already part of our network, the time to bring another territory into our network is between 4–6 weeks to complete the vetting and onboarding aligned with our values and mobility-first approach.

How do you ensure quality across your global network?

Since we’re the world’s leader in mobility, we put our experience and expertise behind our own global network. Our people have been selected for their experience and expertise. We continue to invest in our people, process, and technologies to ensure the highest level of service and responsiveness in our locations around the world.

How do you ensure security, data protection, and privacy?

As part of our vetting and onboarding process, we conduct detailed checks of all network locations to ensure that their security, data protection, and privacy processes meet the Vialto standard. We embed detailed clauses into each territory contract that obligate the Vialto network to follow our Vialto global network requirements and adhere to all global data protection and security standards. In particular, our core technology platform is SOC II Type 2 certified, confirming that we operate to the highest standard of data security, and we continually monitor the adherence to this data standard.

What is your third-party vetting process?

A task force of senior Vialto partners across the globe was created to operationalize our Vialto global network strategy. Our global task force engaged regional leadership and others to assess fit, data privacy and security considerations, and background to ensure we considered local nuances and requirements. During the selection process, we assessed technical quality, robustness of data security and privacy as well as criteria such as language capability. We also conducted a technical assessment covering all areas expected of our global mobility tax teams. Where a team did not meet our standards or pass the technical assessment, they were not selected.

What are your criteria for selecting possible business alliances?

We are committed to developing a truly global ecosystem for mobility that solves our clients’ problems and challenges seamlessly. Now that Vialto is free of audit independence restrictions, we can rapidly form alliances with selected organizations whose operating standards and technology applications match our own. Our alliance network includes relocation companies, payroll providers, assignment management systems, business travel systems, and core HR and finance platforms. We are the only global mobility provider who can offer the unrestricted breadth and depth of alliance coverage with fully integrated technology APIs.

I’m interested in a career at Vialto—what kind of people are you looking for?

A self-starter, agile, interested in and focused on global mobility, highly organized with attention to detail.

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