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ApplicationCopyright Holder
30 Application ToolVialto Partners Netherlands B.V.
AirTax ConsumerGalaxy Australia Opco Pty Ltd
AirTax PlatinumGalaxy Australia Opco Pty Ltd
Australian Shadow PayrollGalaxy Australia Opco Pty Ltd
Compensation MapperGalaxy US Opco Inc.
Global Compensation ManagementGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
GMS CalculatorGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
IdAMGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
MatiasGalaxy México Opco, S.C.
Mitsui Visa ManagerGalaxy Australia Opco Pty Ltd
My African PortalGlxy South Africa Opco (Pty) Ltd
myAtlasCD&R Galaxy UK Opco Limited
myMobility HQGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
myMobility EmployeeGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
myRemoteWorkGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
mySocialSecurityCD&R Galaxy UK Opco Limited
myTaxLocatorGalaxy Belgium OpCo
myTransferGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
myTripsGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
myTrips+CD&R Galaxy UK Opco Limited
R2GoVialto Partners Spain, S.L.
ShareTaxGalaxy Ireland Opco Limited
Short Term Business TravelerGalaxy US Opco Inc.
Social Security Travel AssistantGalaxy Denmark Opco ApS
StarvNextGalaxy Vietnam Opco Limited Liability Company
T2200 Home Office DeclarationVialto CPA LLP
Tax AidGalaxy India Opco Private Limited
Tax PlusGalaxy Belgium OpCo
Tax Plus Cloud WebGalaxy Belgium OpCo Galaxy UK Opco Limited