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Vialto is the world leader in mobility, from travel and immigration to remote work and compensation and rewards. We can even provide services that are beyond what most traditional firms can offer—like simplifying and streamlining payroll as well as managing compensation and reward structure and policy.

Vialto’s groundbreaking Total Comp platform unifies compensation collection, equity management, and global payroll compliance. Total Comp acts as a central hub for all payroll-related operations, including data collection, validation, tax calculations, equity calculations, payroll instructions, automated reconciliation, reporting, dashboard, workflow, integrations, and configurability. It can also integrate with leading existing systems to provide a seamless and efficient payroll workflow.

If you’re looking for a global approach for your compensation and rewards needs, or help with scaling payroll management, we would love to chat with you. To learn more, reach out to one of our team members.

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AmyLynn Flood

Global Equity Leader

Wojciech Kupny

Compensation and Payroll Services Leader

Ash Majithia

Employment Tax Leader

Compensations and rewards solutions

Payroll and tax

We can guide you through the complexities of payroll and tax planning, compliance, and management with a focus on multi-state and remote worker liabilities for both individuals and corporations.

  • Individual income tax return preparation
  • Tax settlement calculations
  • Employer and employee tax compliance and consulting
  • Mobility entry models and risk assessment
  • Data analytics and benchmarking
Custom solutions for specific needs

Tax planning and compliance can be as unique as the individuals and companies who need them. Which is why all our solutions are custom designed to fit your needs.

  • Remote workers
  • Cross-border commuters
  • Business travelers

Our expertise in compensation and rewards helps us identify and flag any possible compliance risks.

  • Cross-border taxes and withholdings
  • Social security
  • Reporting

We can manage everyday operations for a variety of rewards and compensation services.

  • Group tax
  • Payroll
  • Mobility
Equity compensation consulting

We provide expert advice related to the design, implementation and administration of global equity compensation plans. Representative services include:

  • Operational compliance
  • Plan design(taxation) & global tax due diligence
  • Employee education including taxation guides
  • Loan staff
  • Annual tax and regulatory filings

How our difference can help you

Because Vialto has been built differently by design, we can manage operational responsibilities other companies can’t—like payroll and tax efficiencies. So you can focus on more strategic work.


We combine our depth of experience in compensation and rewards with our expertise in mobility to provide solutions and services that others can’t.

Flexible and scalable

With our analytics and data-modeling capabilities, we’re able to scale according to the size of your organization and your teams, from HR and tax to operations managers.

Global mindset

We pride ourselves in leading the market with thought-provoking insights on compensation and rewards trends and impacts in the wider mobility space.

We’re all-in on tech

Our advanced technologies integrate end-to-end payroll and rewards processes to provide holistic global reporting and ensure local compliance as well as cost-effectiveness.

Our Total Comp platform unifies compensation collection, equity management, and global payroll compliance, all while seamlessly integrating with leading existing systems to provide an efficient payroll workflow. Our myMobility suite connects both management and your employees to data, tracking, status, and important information—with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Total Comp

myMobility suite

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Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your compensation and rewards needs.

Wojciech Kupny

Compensation and Payroll Services Leader

Ash Majithia

Employment Tax Leader

AmyLynn Flood

Global Equity Leader