Immigration services

Immigration isn’t just moving people. It’s moving people’s lives.

Immigration can be daunting, especially for individuals and their families. At Vialto, we have the expertise and tools to help quickly with visas, compliance, and tax issues. We remain focused on what’s most important: our duty to care for people. Whether you’re an individual, a small business or a large corporation, you can trust us to move you quickly and compliantly.

Whether you’re looking for an immigration services ecosystem that spans tax, social security, payroll, and more, or the ability to hire more people globally while staying compliant, we would love to chat with you. To learn more, reach out to one of our team members.

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Sharan Kundi

Immigration Services Leader

Immigration services


We’re the leading global experts in turning complex immigration issues into simple and streamlined solutions. Our teams across the globe can assist you with:

  • Complex immigration consulting
  • Global immigration and scenario planning
  • Crisis management and government liaison
  • Immigration policy design and review

Our experts in immigration can provide end-to-end compliance solutions:

  • Right-to-work checks
  • I-9 verification (learn more about our myI-9 solution)
  • H1B LCA compliance support
  • Immigration audits

We provide support for a complete range of visa/work permit applications and services, including:

  • Permanent resident and citizenship applications
  • Consular services and cross-border support
  • Document procurement and legalization services
  • Private client support

Our proprietary tracking tools monitor your visa population and provide you with meaningful insights.

  • Work permit and visa expiry, tracking, and renewal
  • Business traveler tracking
  • Management dashboard and analytics

How our difference can help you

When it comes to immigration, you not only need to move people across borders, you need the ability to navigate around obstacles such as visas, permits, and cross-border tax compliance. Our people and our technologies are 100 percent focused on helping you with all your mobility needs, including immigration.


With offices worldwide, our workday “follows the sun.” No matter where your people are, or what time zone they’re in, there’s always someone available who understands your immigration needs.

Agility and speed

Our teams are built for speed. If a sudden world event requires urgent action, we can assemble pop-up teams to respond immediately. Our independence from regulatory frameworks allows us to move quickly and establish new practices when they are needed.

Global mindset

We pride ourselves on leading the market with thought-provoking insights on immigration trends and impacts in the wider mobility space.

We’re all-in on tech

Our best-in-class technologies power solutions to help you with global immigration planning, compliance, visas and work permits, consular services, and reporting. Our myMobility suite connects both management and employees to important information, with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

myMobility suite

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Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your immigration needs.

Sharan Kundi

Immigration Services Leader