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Our leadership team has decades of experience in creating mobility solutions, supported by our expertise and rooted in a deep understanding of your needs. We share a passion for sustaining long-term relationships based on doing what’s right for your business and your people. Because people are our world.

Dave Austin

Chief Transformation Officer

Sayee Bellamkonda

Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Pavan Bhalla

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Branca

Americas Chief Executive Officer

Rob Burke

Chief Operating Officer

James Clemence

Asia-Pacific Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Coleman

Global Network Leader

Ana Berta Lopez

Europe, Middle East and Africa CEO

Brant Ferrell

Vialto Value Network Chief Delivery Officer

Sharan Kundi

Immigration Services Leader

Wojciech Kupny

Compensation and Payroll Services Leader

Ash Majithia

Employment Tax Services Leader

Neil Masterson

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda McIntyre

Remote Worker Services Leader

Eileen Mullaney

Mobility Managed Services Leader

Sarah Mullen

Business Travel Services Leader

Leo Palazzuoli

Chief Clients and Markets Officer

Tecla Palli-Sandler

Chief People Officer

Nadia Hoosen

Chief Legal Officer

Girish Shankaran

Chief Growth Officer

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