We help manage your global—and carbon—footprint

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues such as net-zero emissions goals and strategies are top-of-mind for executives and stakeholders around the world. Vialto has the expertise and tools to help you address environmental concerns, including energy and resource efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste.

Thought leadership: sustainable mobility

When a global professional services firm discovered that its Germany-based employees were each producing a massive 4,200 kilograms of carbon emissions annually—mostly due to business trips—they took on the task of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s how they did it.

Rethinking global mobility as part of a company’s sustainability strategy

There is intensified focus on global mobility and its environmental impact in the backdrop of an increasingly globalized workforce. We look at actionable ways in which global mobility professionals can positively impact their organization's ESG goals and drive sustainable practices.

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Iris Tuinstra

Senior Director, Business Travel and Sustainability

The Netherlands