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We build alliances that transform global mobility

We forge alliances that help us move ideas, people, technologies, and businesses across borders, around boundaries, and into tomorrow. We proactively seek out people and companies who think big and take action—experts who bring value and smart solutions to our clients, and those who share our goal of solving global mobility challenges.


Vialto and Benivo created an alliance to develop Smart Cost Estimates—a fully integrated tool on the Benivo platform that merges Vialto Partners’ market-leading global tax content and expertise with Benivo technology, AI, and analytics. Smart Cost Estimates is designed for global mobility teams to do more with data, be more proactive, and deliver more strategic insights than ever before.


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Vialto selected Certino as its provider of shadow payroll automation technology. Shadow payroll allows employers to meet host country payroll tax payments and reporting obligations when their employees work abroad. The addition of Certino to the Vialto digital platform provides seamless and secure support to keep global clients compliant in a complex and fast-moving world.

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Vialto and Equus created an alliance that brings together the two leading companies in global mobility to provide technology and services for the delivery of all assignment and mobility types to the global workforce mobility industry. The cooperation between Equus and Vialto will provide companies worldwide with agile, innovative solutions that drive value for mobility programs. The combination of Equus’ assignment management technology and Vialto’s global service capabilities will create better reporting, transparency, and thought leadership, while unlocking end-to-end productivity gains for employees and program managers.

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Vialto and ihp ANALYTICS deliver the next level of care for business travellers and mobile employees. Vialto clients can gather powerful human data from a sample of their employees to understand the impact of business travel and other mobility events on employee health, wellbeing and, ultimately, their performance.

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Velocity Global

Vialto Partners and Velocity Global have come together to help joint clients more effectively navigate the complexities of cross-border movements. In addition to a full range of global mobility services, Vialto can help clients explore the feasibility of alternative employment structures—and where an Employer of Record is the best fit solution, Velocity Global’s technology platform and support services enable organizations to compliantly hire, pay, and manage workers, anywhere in the world that they don’t have a local entity.

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SAP Concur

In collaboration with SAP Concur, Vialto simplifies and streamlines the intricacies of business travel compliance. Our alliance melds SAP Concur’s deep-seated knowledge of the travel and expense industry with Vialto’s proficiency in navigating business travel compliance, empowering organizations with comprehensive solutions to understand and mitigate the risks associated with business travel.

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Vialto Partners and Neeyamo jointly offer businesses a one-stop solution to global payroll management, employee relocation, and cross-border taxation. Our innovative global payroll approach stands at the forefront of the market, harnessing the power of technology and creativity to empower multinational corporations in their efforts to care for their global workforce.

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Business alliance attributes

We seek out and select business alliances with the same criteria that we look for in our people: alignment with Vialto’s vision and values, and dedication to delivering on our clients’ mobility needs.


Vialto is committed to delivering exceptional insights, guidance, and solutions through a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs.

Adds strength and value

We look for business alliances that make us stronger and bring enhanced value to our clients.

Delivers innovation

Innovation is at the core of what we do—from insights and ideas to the technology that helps us provide mobility solutions.


We provide real-time solutions for mobility needs today—always with an eye on tomorrow.

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Leo Palazzuoli

Chief Clients and Markets Officer