Vialto Partners introduces Total Comp to optimize global payroll operations

March 27, 2024


New solution is a key element of Vialto’s enterprise technology platform, transforming the digital mobility experience worldwide

London—March 27, 2024—Vialto Partners, a leading provider of globally integrated solutions supporting global workforce mobility, today announced the launch of Total Comp, an innovative technology solution designed to unify compensation collection, equity management, and global payroll compliance. Total Comp acts as a central hub for all payroll-related operations through a comprehensive suite of features, including data collection, validation, tax calculations, equity calculations, payroll instructions, automated reconciliation, reporting, dashboard, workflow, integrations, and configurability. It can also integrate with leading existing systems to provide a seamless and efficient payroll workflow.

As an integrated solution for global compensation, employment tax, and rewards, Total Comp can manage and streamline a wide range of payroll-related tasks, from basic salary calculations to complex benefit and tax considerations. Moreover, Total Comp is designed to integrate with many existing payroll and compensation systems—with synchronization capabilities intended to eliminate the need to manually reconcile data from different systems.

Traditionally, organizations face a fragmented and cumbersome process in managing their mobility payroll and related data. They are often forced to compile information from multiple sources, including payroll, equity, and employment tax departments. Each source provides different data sets, leading to a patchwork of reports that require significant effort to consolidate and interpret. Organizations often find themselves making multiple requests, trying to piece together a complete picture from disparate parts. This disjointed approach can be time-consuming and prone to errors and inefficiencies, making it challenging to achieve a clear, unified view of financial and payroll operations.

Total Comp is designed to revolutionize this process with a single, cohesive, integrated platform. The solution takes in relevant data in a single format, seamlessly integrating the necessary logic and calculations. By transforming fragmented data streams into a harmonious and streamlined workflow, Total Comp provides organizations with the clarity, efficiency, and confidence of having all their mobility payroll data in one place, tailored to their unique requirements.

Total Comp offers comprehensive features focused on optimizing the mobility experience for organizations and their people. It provides:

  • Seamless, reliable data integration.
    Total Comp seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, consistently and reliably. Its proactive data validation feature supports the accuracy and dependability of an organization’s compensation data.
  • Streamlined, efficient payroll processing.
    Total Comp automates manual payroll processes with up-to-date tax logic, designed to reduce errors and workload while accelerating operations.
  • Automated reconciliation.
    The new platform is designed to proactively resolve discrepancies, and to significantly reduce unexpected adjustments and revised wage statements, which can lead to faster tax filings and a better employee experience.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to local needs.
    Total Comp can adjust to the specific payroll requirements of various countries and regions. It eliminates manual input, supporting compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Centralized data and analytics.
    Total Comp boosts strategic decision-making and policy development by integrating cost and demographic data for a holistic view of organizational spend.

Total Comp is designed for organizations of all sizes. Large companies can find value in the platform’s ability to adapt to existing data formats, streamlining implementation and providing configured payroll outputs that integrate seamlessly with established processes. Total Comp is also optimized for complex data structures, providing a solution that meets a large organization’s needs without disrupting current operations. Midsize and smaller organizations can similarly benefit from having an organized system that delivers integrated data outputs. Stakeholders can access comprehensive dashboards for clear insights and oversight of mobility-related global payroll processes.

Market-leading integration with existing systems
One of Total Comp’s most significant differentiators is its ability to integrate with existing payroll and assignment management systems—thanks to Vialto’s unique relationships with other market-leading technology providers. Vialto’s alliances with a range of technology companies, including Equus (assignment management) and Neeyamo (payroll delivery) means that Total Comp users get holistic solutions, using leading providers. Many other organizations must rely on a disjointed process of compiling an end-to-end solution, using whatever caliber of technology is available locally.

In this ecosystem, Total Comp acts as the central hub where data from various sources is integrated, processed, and then distributed in the required formats, leading to a streamlined, accurate, and efficient payroll process across different platforms and systems.

“At Vialto, we are unique in our ability to collaborate meaningfully with clients, and form powerful alliances that address their challenges holistically,” said Wojciech Kupny, Vialto’s Global Compensation and Payroll Services Leader. “The sky’s the limit in terms of the innovation we can bring to the payroll space, and we invite the companies we serve to co-design the functionality with us, because our goal is to support them for the long term. Total Comp isn’t just special; it’s unparalleled.”

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