Unifying the mobility experience across your vendor ecosystem

How to be intentional about your end-to-end all-mobility experience


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If you work in global mobility, this will be a scenario you may have seen play out many times before with your employees: They are eagerly preparing for a mobility experience, only to find themselves navigating a complex web of interactions with various service providers. Each provider handles a crucial aspect of their move, from housing and shipping to cultural integration support, tax planning, and immigration services. Each provider operates under its own Service Level Agreement (SLA), determining how they communicate and engage. It’s a whirlwind of information, and they are expected to absorb and retain countless details for future use.

The reality is, it’s overwhelming; they’ve become a treasure hunter sifting through mountains of information, desperately seeking valuable nuggets to remember months down the line, all while potentially dealing with emotional moments like finding new schools for children, moving pets, and making sure they have Wi-Fi at home. Without a unified approach, the employee experience becomes disjointed and stressful, not ideal when they have a job to do too and they may share their negative experience with the mobility team, the business as a whole and maybe their social media contacts too.

This is where the concept of a defined mobility brand comes into play—a strategic way to shape an exceptional experience across your entire vendor ecosystem.

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