The New Work Journey—Mobility (R)evolution: Redefining the mobility playbook

The Mobility (R)evolution survey is a comprehensive exploration of how mobility teams globally are adapting to the dynamic changes within the realm of global mobility.


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The aftereffects of the global pandemic continue to result in significant changes across the global mobility landscape. Vialto’s survey of executives from 199 companies around the world, conducted in early 2023, offers insight into whether organizations hope to evolve their existing practices—or if they are prepared to revolutionize their approach to mobility to meet the demands of their businesses and employees.

Our findings provide a clear view of the direction that mobility is taking across key areas
of focus, including strategy, scope and policy, operating model, and experience.

Among the mobility revolution survey highlights:

Building the right foundations today will deliver strategic outcomes in the future.

Today, companies surveyed reported that their priority areas of focus are to manage compliance (39%), enhance mobility policies (39%), and align mobility with talent (26%). Over the next two years, however, those surveyed noted a shift in priorities, with companies expected to focus on aligning talent with mobility (32%), leveraging mobility data and analytics (26%), and being more purposeful about mobility (24%).

More international opportunities, fewer expats.

The vast majority of executives surveyed (89%) expect almost all move types to grow, with the largest increases across short-term international remote working (77%) and virtual assignments (64%). As a corollary, 40% of companies are looking to create policies to support non-traditional move types—in particular, virtual assignments (55%).

Find a blend of strategic and operational elements.

Many executives (40%) reported that their company’s leadership see mobility teams as strategic and value adding—with compliance (58%) and operations (44%) being most frequently highlighted. More than half of the survey respondents reported that team capacity and/or costs are main barriers to teams achieving priorities.

We invite you to learn more about where global mobility is headed, and how you can capitalize on opportunities today that can benefit your organization now—and in the future.

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Clare Hughes
EMEA Lead – Workforce Transformation and Managed Services

Charlotte Walter
Workforce Transformation

Eileen Mullaney
AMERICAS Lead – Workforce Transformation & Managed Services

Eden Crouch
Workforce Transformation

Selina Keller
APAC Lead – Workforce Transformation & Managed Services

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