Supporting WaterAid on their Global Mission

April 6, 2022

WaterAid change millions of lives every year, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Their work is supported by offices in the UK, US, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan and India.

In late 2021 WaterAid UK selected our team to work with them to reimagine the Global Mobility experience for all their mobile employees; to ensure WaterAiders were having a positive experience and that all processes and teams worked in harmony.

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Together with WaterAid we have conducted 18 interviews across the WaterAid network, carried out three targeted questionnaires and hosted a focus group across countries. All with the purpose to truly discover the current global mobility experience so as to ideate on solutions to streamline, enhance and pinpoint any cost saving initiatives.

We know that for WaterAid to succeed in their mission they need a Global Mobility approach that works with them, not against, in order to safely deploy, attract and retain the very best talent. We feel honoured to be supporting WaterAid in their mission and are thoroughly enjoying working so closely with their teams.

Marianne Walker quote

In addition, WaterAid are now able to tap into the Vialto Partners global network to seek advice, or to simply be a sounding board, across any global mobility queries; from international tax to how to ensure WaterAiders have the equipment they need to succeed in their country of operation.

We may only be playing a small part in the work that WaterAid do, but we strongly believe in their mission to end the water, sanitation and hygiene crisis – for everyone, everywhere.

To find out more about WaterAid, where they work and their strategy, please head to their website.

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