Personal Taxation in Europe: How much do Europeans take home from their gross salary?

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We looked at net salaries across Europe as a percentage of gross pay, i.e. after deducting personal income tax and employee social security premiums. In our calculations we used the average gross salaries in each country surveyed.

Scenario One – Single employee with average salary

In the case of a single employee receiving an average salary, we found that the European average net salary amounts to 73% of gross salary. The personal income tax burden constitutes an average of about 14%. Employee social security costs amount to approximately 13% of gross income.

Countries that enjoy an average net salary higher than 73% in this scenario are: Cyprus, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Malta, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden, Slovakia, Finland, Iceland, Poland.

Scenario Two – Average single income family with two children

In the case of an average single income family with two children, the European average net salary increases to 79% of gross salary, with the personal income tax burden dropping to an average of approximately 9%. Employee social security costs are slightly lower in this scenario at roughly 12% of gross income.

Countries with an average net salary higher than 79% in this scenario are: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Ireland, Cyprus, Estonia, Switzerland, Iceland, Latvia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, the United Kingdom.

Take-home pay for high earners and employer social security costs

In the full report we reveal the average net salaries across a number of other scenarios – including wealthy single employees and wealthy families with two children. We also present country rankings, by percentage of take-home pay, for each scenario. Moreover, we analyse tax free amounts in specific European countries and compare employer social security contributions, which impact the cost of employment.

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