Mobility moments: Marcus’ story

Depending on the role, employee mobility needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Senior team leaders need access to mobile-ready candidates to quickly fill positions on their teams. Human resource members need an integrated platform with readily available data to help their people get moving. Project managers need to be ready to go wherever they’re needed and have the best resources available to settle into their assignments. In this series, we highlight stories of people navigating the world of mobility with Vialto Partners.

Marcus, Talent Mobility Leader

Marcus is focused on continuously improving his organization’s talent mobility strategy. He stays on top of trends, matching employees to the best mobile opportunities and trying to enhance the employee experience. With all he’s trying to accomplish, Marcus is searching for more ways to streamline the mobility experience to better serve the needs of everyone involved in the process.

Marcus has also established open collaboration with other companies to keep improving the process. They found their combined voice carries significant weight with various providers of mobility services and their strong desire to influence government agencies.

photo of Marcus

Bridging the gap between employees and mobility

Marcus needs a mobility platform that will work with him to accomplish the hiring goals of his organization. The system must see an employee through their entire life cycle with the business—from hiring, placement, and offboarding. Real-time monitoring available for employees and deployments is a must-have. And data-backed insights are needed to help his organization keep improving the process.

He needs a mobility platform that’s:


  • Make mobility easy and cost-effective for all end-users
  • Leverage data to provide strategic insight to the business
  • Stay connected to other organizations with similar mobility aspirations


  • Stay ahead of mobility trends to recruit and retain top talent
  • Ensure talent is taken care of, so people can focus on their jobs without disruption


  • Enable employees to remain compliant via a stress-free experience
  • Ensure the business isn’t breaking any rules that could harm its finances or reputation

Discovering powerful employee experiences through mobility

Step one: Onboard

Recall that Kimi (Vice President) found the perfect match for her Singapore team with Greta (Sales Manager). What talent management resources happened behind the scenes to make that possible?

Marcus provides Kimi and other key stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the digital tools available to them. Because most of his administrative workload has been eliminated, he can focus on data, analytics and strategic insights.

Step two: Monitor

Drawing on real-time data and analytics, Marcus ensures that both Kimi and Greta are on track to meet mobility and business objectives throughout the entire process. Marcus also uses the analytics tools in a talent dashboard to predict future talent needs and develop policies and strategies that address them.

Step three: Constantly improve

Machine learning tools allow Marcus to forecast the potential implications of different scenarios based on macroeconomic trends and benchmarking. Because his approach to governance is based on results and not process, Marcus can focus on innovative ideas that will advance business objectives.

Tools that make mobility easy

Real-time data and analytics

  • Data pulled in real-time from source systems
  • Workflow and rules engines applied to surface opportunities for efficiencies related to deployment and program management
  • Real-time mobility satisfaction benchmarks

Talent dashboards

  • Engagement KPIs
  • Employee deployment statistics, trends, and demographics
  • Real-time benchmarking

Machine learning tools

  • Identifies and predicts skills gaps across the organization
  • Helps create strategies to address talent gaps

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