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Our technology services accelerate value. From our powerful, integrated global mobility platform and open API partnerships to seamless data flows, we have the customizable solutions to support your growth at every stage of your global mobility journey.

A leading approach to seamless mobility

Global mobility poses unique challenges. That’s why we developed our suite of connected  technologies to deliver a  seamless, centralized experience. We offer a flexible and scalable system that evolves with the needs of your business. With end-to-end innovation, we’re redefining global mobility—so you can redefine your future.

myMobility suite

Our technology is as mobile as you are—providing convenient, real-time updates on your Vialto engagements, along with status tracking and a managed services workflow for all your employees. So everyone in your company has the tools they need to get to where they’re going—and the help desk support to back them up. 

For companies
  • Data visualizations
  • File sharing
  • Status tracking
  • Workflow management
For employees
  • Status tracking
  • Pending action reminders
  • Filing of forms
  • Document uploads
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Gerard Verweij

Chief Information Officer

Sayee Bellamkonda

Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Business travel technology

Our myMobility suite provides end-to-end business travel solutions, ensuring your team has the right permissions to work across the world. Our technology monitors and analyzes data for you, tracking and assessing travel risks and preventing setbacks—providing the turbulence-free experience your employees deserve. 

Pre-trip assessment
  • Simple pre-travel assessment
  • Verifies travel permissions and compliance
  • Monitors travel data for proactive risk alerts
  • Team member contact for immigration and tax services
Post-travel compliance
  • Post-trip alerts and management
  • Ongoing tax risk monitoring
  • Pulls and analyzes robust data
  • Tracks travelers and assesses compliance risks
  • Produces reports for informed strategy
Downstream compliance
  • Chatbot for traveler queries
  • API aggregator
  • RPA to file compliance requirements
  • Workflow for oversight of KPIs, escalation, etc.
Social Security
  • Managed Social Security for business travelers
  • Ensures freedom to travel
  • Security during and after trips
  • Ensures compliance accuracy
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Sayee Bellamkonda

Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Sarah Mullen

Business Travel Services Leader

Immigration technology

Our myMobility suite immigration software takes the guesswork out of global work. Customize your experience while tracking all employee immigration information worldwide and in real time. Proactively identify and avoid red flags and feel confident knowing you have all the data you need to make informed, strategic decisions at every turn. 

For companies
  • Self-service planning tool for remote work
  • Knowledge repository tool for employees and employers
  • Supports efficient planning and informed decisions
  • 65 locations and 223 nationalities supported
  • 24/7 access, downloadable guidance and support
For employees
  • Permanent transfer pre-planning mobility tool
  • Advice for:
      • Most viable route
      • Process overview
      • Processing times
      • Red flags
      • Cost-effectiveness
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Sayee Bellamkonda

Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Sharan Kundi

Immigration Services Leader

Compensation and rewards technology

Our platforms provide superior visibility, control and forecasting. The myMobility suite helps reduce costs and the frequency of tax assessments with a streamlined, customizable and single-source experience that’s easy to manage from anywhere in the world. 

Global compensation
  • Increases cost efficiency
  • Results in fewer tax assessments
  • Improves tax strategies visibility and forecasting
  • Reduces time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Includes an internal-facing payroll tool
  • Aggregates global payroll information into a single source
  • Creates a consistent format
Equity and rewards
  • Clear payroll reports
  • Total automation
  • Handles a high volume
  • Simulated or real-time calculations
  • Secure file transfers
  • Broad equity plan support
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Sayee Bellamkonda

Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Wojciech Kupny

Compensation and Payroll Services Leader

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